店を作るにあたって一番重要なのは、コンセプト作りです。美味しい珈琲を提供できるようになることはもちろん、 立地、広さや周辺環境によって目指すお店のイメージは個別に考える必要があります。店舗が街中に溶け込む姿を具体的にイメージしながら、お客様と一緒にコンセプトを作っていきます。

Creating shop concept

The most important thing to set up a shop is to create its concept. To say nothing of offering tasty coffee, shop’s image should be set up by considering its site location, size, or surrounding environment. We creates shop concept with you so that your shop will fit in the site.



Supporting from machinery and equipment selection to operation construction.

A wide variety of operations is required to set up a shop. Shop name, menu list, recipe development, interior design, furniture selection, machinery selection, graphic design, as well as recruiting, operation construction, staff training etc. should be done for a short preparation period. We help you set up your shop according to your circumstances by making use of our experience and data accumulated by past shop makings including our own shops.

  • コンセプト設計

  • メニュー開発

  • スタッフトレーニング

  • 運営立上げサポート

  • 事業収支作成サポート

  • 機材・備品選定

  • デザインディレクション

  • 仕入れ・包材業者紹介